Therapeutic Services

IVNV Wellness specializes in Holistic Therapies for Chronic Conditions. Our Therapeutic Services are uniquely tailored for those who are seeking a more targeted approach for complex health challenges such as Cancer, Lyme, Mold, Toxins, Heavy Metals, Chronic Fatigue, IronDeficiency Anemia, and more.

We’re here to be a vital part of your health team, offering oneonone personalized consultations and customized treatment plans. Our approach is flexible to serve your needs, whether as an enhancement to your existing healthcare plan or as a comprehensive solution for those currently needing an allinclusive strategy.

If you’re interested in our Therapeutic Services at IVNV Wellness, the first step is simple. You’ll need some basic tests, which are easy and affordable. You can either have these tests (CBC, CMP, and G6PD) done in – house with us or bring in recent results if you’ve already done them. An additional Ferritin lab will be necessary for Iron Repletion Therapy.

These initial screenings are crucial for us to understand your unique health profile and tailor our therapies accordingly. For cases where a more comprehensive understanding is required, we offer extensive testing under the guidance of our medical director. This thorough approach ensures that we address your health concerns with the utmost precision and care.


High Dose Vitamin C (HDIVC) Infusion

Our High Dose Vitamin C (HDIVC) Infusion is a dynamic and potent treatment option, renowned for its efficacy in managing fungal, mold, and viral infections as well as an alternative or adjunct therapy
for certain diseases such as cancer. Unlike lower doses of Vitamin C, HDIVC has a pro – oxidative effect, focusing on targeting and weakening abnormal cells and strengthening the immune system to help remove these cells from the body. This infusion is also recognized for its exceptional detoxification properties.

High Dose Vitamin C (HDIVC) Infusion

Additional Benefits:
  • Cytotoxic effects directly targeting abnormal cells
  • Inhibition of cancer cell proliferation, lymphangiogenesis, and angiogenesis(lymphangiogenesis) and blood vessel recruitment (angiogenesis)
  • Significant reduction in inflammation, limiting organ and systemic damage from infections
  • Stimulates the immune system to aid your body’s response mechanisms
  • Stimulation of the immune system, enhancing the body’s natural defense mechanisms
  • Preservation of mitochondrial function, ensuring healthy cells function optimally
  • Complementary and synergistic effects with conventional cancer treatments.

The HDIVC therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your medical history and blood labs. This includes screenings for quantitative G6PD (an enzyme abnormality), kidney function, and electrolytes. These tests are vital to ensure the treatment is safe and will be beneficial for you.

Case references:

  1. Supplemental ascorbate in the supportive treatment of cancer:  Prolongation of survival times in terminal human cancer. 
  2. High Dose IV Ascorbic Acid Therapy: the Bastyr Experience 
  3. High Dose Parenteral Ascorbate Inhibited Pancreatic Cancer Growth and Metastatsis: Mechanisms and a Phase I/IIa study.  


Our Mega-C Antiviral Protocol is an advanced infusion tailored to strengthen your immune system against viruses and bacteria. High-dose Vitamin C is known for its efficacy in dealing with colds, flu, and more persistent conditions like shingles or Epstein-Barr virus infections. Ideal for those seeking an edge in their immune health, it’s a proactive step in preventive care and a reactive measure for acute conditions and shortening the duration of illness.

Additional Benefits:
  • Elevates immune function to combat viral and bacterial infections
  • Can help manage colds, flu, shingles, Epstein-Barr, and other viral conditions
  • Aims to reduce illness duration and symptom intensity
  • Fortifies the body’s defense against seasonal and environmental pathogens


Poly-MVA Infusion is a unique dietary supplement designed to support cellular health and boost overall vitality. It’s particularly beneficial for those undergoing cancer treatment, facing cardiac issues, or dealing with neurological conditions. The infusion contains a blend of palladium bonded to alpha-lipoic acid, B vitamins, and other nutrients, enhancing cell metabolism and energy production.


Additional Benefits:
  • Supports cellular health, particularly useful for individuals undergoing cancer treatments
  • Enhances energy and vitality, beneficial during recovery phases
  • Aids in neurological health, offering support for conditions like neuropathy
  • Contributes to heart health, assisting in cardiac function and circulation
  • Provides antioxidants, helping to protect cells from oxidative damage
  • Supports healthy liver function


Our Surgery Support Infusion is specially formulated to prepare your body for surgery and assist in your recovery. For those facing operations, it’s crucial to enter with a strengthened immune system and enhanced energy reserves. This infusion provides that by delivering key nutrients and vitamins to boost your defenses and vitality pre-surgery. Post-surgery, it focuses on fast-tracking healing, reducing inflammation, and accelerating tissue repair. It’s a strategic protocol that adapts to your body’s needs, aiming to minimize downtime and support a quicker return to your daily life.

Additional Benefits:
  • Fortifies immune system ahead of surgery
  • Energizes and prepares the body for surgical stress
  • Supports faster and more efficient healing post-surgery
  • Helps reduce post-operative inflammation and discomfort
  • Promotes effective tissue repair and wound healing
  • Customizable to individual recovery requirements and surgical specifics


NAD+ IV Infusions are a powerful tool for enhancing health and vitality, particularly as we age, or are under stress, when natural NAD+ levels decline. These infusions, enriched with NAD+, Minerals, Vitamin B Complex, B12, Vitamin C, and Glutathione, not only boost metabolism and reduce fatigue but also offer increased energy and longevity. They are beneficial in supporting neurological health and aid in detoxification, especially for those overcoming drug and alcohol dependency. This therapy revitalizes organs, repairs DNA, protects brain health, fights inflammation, and strengthens muscles and connective tissues.


Additional Benefits:
  • Boosts cellular energy, revitalizing organs and tissues.
  • Supports DNA health, repairing damages and reducing disease risk.
  • Protects against cognitive decline, maintaining brain health.
  • Offers anti-inflammatory protection, especially for vital organs like the liver.
  • Enhances muscle and connective tissue health, promoting overall physical strength.


    Our Iron Infusion is specifically formulated to address iron deficiency and related conditions. It’s an ideal treatment for individuals with anemia, chronic fatigue, or heavy menstrual bleeding. Low iron can lead to symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath, chest pains, or cold hands and feet. This infusion efficiently delivers a high concentration of iron directly into the bloodstream, bypassing gastrointestinal absorption issues and ensuring immediate availability for the body’s needs.

    Additional Benefits:
    • Rapidly replenishes iron levels in cases of anemia
    • Alleviates symptoms of fatigue and weakness associated with iron deficiency
    • Essential for women experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding to restore iron balance
    • Supports overall energy levels and physical well-being
    • Improves cognitive function and immune health



      Our Phosphatidylcholine (PTC) Infusion is a specialized treatment designed to enhance cellular health and support detoxification. PTC, a vital component of your cell membranes, plays an essential role in maintaining your liver, brain, and heart health. This infusion is perfect for individuals dealing with conditions such as mold toxicity, fatty liver disease, chronic fatigue, and neurodegenerative diseases. It’s particularly beneficial for improving cardiac health by aiding in the removal of arterial plaque. When combined with glutathione, our PTC Infusion becomes even more potent, enhancing liver function and overall detoxification.

      Additional Benefits:
      • Boosts brain function and liver health
      • Increases energy levels and improves cognitive function
      • Improves vascular health and promotes better circulation
      • Strengthens the immune system
      • Supports the breakdown of fats and offers nerve protection


        Our Allergy Support Infusion Protocol is a comprehensive treatment designed to address a wide range of allergic responses. It’s especially beneficial for those dealing with seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, pet dander, and dust mites. By modulating the immune system, the protocol targets allergic reactions’ underlying causes and aims to lessen the severity of allergic reactions, helping to calm symptoms like nasal congestion, itchy eyes, skin rashes, and hives.

        Additional Benefits:
        • Alleviates a broad spectrum of allergy symptoms, including respiratory and skin reactions
        • Helps manage seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, and reactions to pets or dust mites
        • Aims to reduce nasal congestion, eye irritation, skin rashes, and hives
        •  Enhances the immune system’s appropriate response to allergens


        The Jump Start IV Push combines Colloidal Silver, Glutathione, B12, B Complex, Curcumin, Ginkgo, Ginseng, NAC, (plus over 20 more amazing ingredients). It’s effective in boosting the body’s defense against colds, flu, RSV, and Covid. The Jump Start also supports recovery from surgical procedures, aids in managing chronic pain conditions like arthritis, and assists in neurological health. The IV Push method delivers concentrated nutrients directly into your bloodstream in just 5-10 minutes.

        Additional Benefits:
        • Enhances immune function to combat viral and bacterial infections.
        • Helps shorten the duration and intensity of illnesses like colds, flu, RSV, and Covid.
        • Useful in managing chronic pain and inflammation.
        • Supports muscle growth and fat metabolism.
        • Improves digestive health and cognitive functions.

          Artemisinin Infusion THERAPY

          Our Artemisinin Infusion is specifically designed to tackle a range of chronic health challenges, including autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, chronic infections such as Lyme disease, various liver disorders, and certain types of cancer. It is most beneficial when done in conjunction with additional therapies such as High Dose Vitamin C (HDIVC) as it is synergistic with oxidative therapies. Artemisinin reacts with iron to form free radicals that have demonstrated antitumor effects by inducing apoptosis (cell death) in malignant cells.

          Additional Benefits:
          • Offers significant relief in autoimmune conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, by reducing inflammation
          • Effective in managing chronic infections, especially Lyme disease, by decreasing severity and duration
          • Supports liver health, beneficial for those with hepatitis or fatty liver disease
          • Plays a crucial role in cancer care, particularly for colon, breast, and liver cancers, by targeting and helping to eliminate cancer cells
          • Enhances the body in its natural detoxification processes

          Artemisinin may be combined with high dose Vitamin C therapy synergistically to create a more therapeutic oxidative response.

          Case references:

          1. Antitumor Activity of Artemisinin and Its Derivatives:  From a Well-Known Antimalarial Agent to a Potential Anticancer Drug.  
          2. Molecular pharmacology and pharmacogenomics of artemisinin and its derivatives in cancer cells.  
          3. Anti-Inflammatory and Immunoregulatory Functions of Artemisinin and Its Derivatives.  

          *Physicians orders required*


          Curcumin is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Our Curcumin Infusion taps into these properties to offer relief from conditions such as Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and lupus. By focusing on curcumin’s ability to inhibit inflammation, this infusion can be particularly beneficial for those experiencing joint pain, swelling, and mobility issues, offering an improvement in quality of life.

          Additional Benefits:
          • Targets inflammation, a common issue in autoimmune diseases
          • Aids symptom management in Lyme disease
          • May relieve joint pain and reduce swelling in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis
          • Supports the management of autoimmune conditions such as psoriatic arthritis and lupus
          • Promotes antioxidant protection and overall well-being

          Migraine Support Infusion Therapy

          Our Migraine IV Infusion is a specialized treatment formulated to alleviate the debilitating symptoms of migraines and chronic headaches. The key to the Migraine IV Infusion’s effectiveness lies in its ability to address various physiological factors that contribute to migraines. By targeting inflammation, oxidative stress, and electrolyte imbalances, which are often underlying causes of migraines, this treatment helps in stabilizing nerve function, improving cerebral blood flow, and correcting imbalances, all of which are crucial in achieving lasting migraine control and enhanced overall brain health.

          Additional Benefits:
          • Provides rapid relief from acute migraine and chronic headache symptoms, reducing their intensity and frequency.
          • Helps in stabilizing nerve functions, which is crucial in managing migraine triggers.
          • Enhances cerebral blood flow, which is often compromised during migraine attacks.
          • Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain, key factors in migraine pathology.
          • Aids in correcting electrolyte imbalances, which are often associated with migraine episodes.
          • Offers a non-oral route of administration, beneficial for those who experience nausea and vomiting with migraines.
          • Supports overall neurological health, potentially reducing the reliance on traditional pain medications.

          If you have interest in additional services beyond what we’ve
          outlined, please feel free to discuss your needs with us! At IVNV Wellness, we strive to accommodate special requests and can tailor our offerings after careful consideration and necessary directives from either your physician or our medical director. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and personalized care that aligns perfectly with your unique health journey.



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