High Dose Vitamin C

Stimulate the immune system


High Dose Vitamin C (HDIVC) is recognized as being effective in combating fungal, mold, and viral infections as well as an alternative or adjunct therapy for certain diseases such as cancer.  While lower doses of Vitamin C function as an antioxidant that protect cells from free radical damage, HDIVC is pro-oxidative and specifically focuses on the weakening abnormal cells and aiding your immune system in removing them from your body.  It also has excellent detoxification properties.


  • Directly destructive (cytotoxic) to abnormal cells, as well as fungus, mold, and viruses
  • Inhibits processes that cancer cells utilize to propagate such as growth (proliferation) of abnormal cells, as well as blood vessel recruitment (angiogenesis) and lymphatic recruitment (lymphagenesis)
  • Reduces inflammation which helps limit damage to organs and other bodily systems secondary to the root cause of the infection
  • Stimulates the immune system to aid your body’s response mechanisms
  • Preserves mitochondrial function helping your healthy cells to function as designed
  • Complimentary to conventional cancer protocols as well as offering an alternative option in select circumstances


Unlike our other standard infusions HDIVC requires a more thorough evaluation of the guest’s medical history and blood labs.  Specifically we require screening for quantitative G6PD, kidney function, electrolytes and standard labs to ensure that the therapy will be safe for you.  Many infusion services do not evaluate these factors which places their clients at risk for significant complications.

During the infusion process your infusion technician will periodically perform vital sign assessments and may screen blood glucose to track efficacy and ensure that you are receiving the intended benefits.  HDIVC is not a one size fits all standard.  

We strongly recommend and encourage involvement and communication with your physician as their assistance will be required to perform follow up evaluation of your specific disease process.


It is important to know that HDIVC is mildly chelating and can slowly strip essential minerals from your body which can cause complications over a long series of infusions if performed incorrectly.  Most services either infuse only Vitamin C, or may add some Magnesium for comfort.  IVNV adds several essential components into your  infusion to balance what is taken and ensure that your body does not become deficient.  You will notice that we do not include our more common nutrients like B-complex and Glutathione because these counteract the efforts of the pro-oxidative therapy. 



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