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Welcome to IVNV Wellness, dedicated to providing the best Therapeutic and Lifestyle Nutrient Infusions and Injections.


The concept for IVNV began when CEO Eric Foti recognized the need for an IV infusion therapy service that could deliver pharmaceutical-grade nutrients to the body safely, effectively and professionally while focusing on treatments for general wellness.  Eric partnered with COO Matt Dill and Medical Director Doug Stafford, merging their passions for chronic illness therapies and age management.



IVNV Wellness prides itself on being the only business in the Inland Northwest that focuses solely on distributing therapeutic Nutrient Infusions, Lifestyle drips and IM injections.  We place great emphasis on an integrative and functional approach for our clients with chronic illness, and work closely with local naturopathic physicians to customize programs tailored to individual client needs.  Additionally, we offer memberships and packages to better suit your lifestyle needs with ongoing infusion and injection therapy. IVNV partners with providers and other businesses that are the best in their field.  Put simply, instead of trying to do it all we focus on what we’re best at and make available to you other experts that are the best in their respective fields.



We believe that the client is best served with a holistic approach, understanding that your needs extend well beyond your immediate symptom or concern.  You will notice that we do not have any infusions with just one or two compounds added as we do not take shortcuts with our clients.  Our staff take the time to get to know you and your specific needs, and then make recommendations not only for that visit but future visits as well to help you reach your goals.


Our nutrients are procured from reputable, licensed pharmacies that perform extensive testing on each production batch to ensure that you receive the safest and highest quality possible. These best in class pharmacies also provide IVNV Wellness with experts to consult with regarding the various nutrients we use.


Meticulous safety measures are required to ensure you receive the highest quality services with minimal risk.  IVNV Wellness has a dedicated clean room including medical grade refrigeration and an ISO Class 5 laminar hood system to ensure that purity makes it from the vial, into your infusion or injection, and into your body without contamination.  Our staff receives ongoing training on the most current protocols available to ensure the most effective service is delivered to the client.  You can have peace of mind knowing our team has your safety as our #1 priority.


You have many options to choose from and our desire is to provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision that is safe and effective for your needs.  IVNV Wellness takes great pride in doing the right thing the right way.  Let us show you why we are the standard for IV and Injection therapy and a great investment for your health and wellness.

Your Coeur d’alene Team

team IVNV

Eric Foti, CEO

Eric is the Chief Executive Officer of IVNV with 20 years of experience in pre-hospital emergency care and fire service. He’s previously worked for AMR, LifeFlight, Medstar, and as an advanced paramedic at an elite members-only club, but now works as a career firefighter-paramedic in North Idaho.

Matt Dill, COO

Matt is IVNV’s Chief Operating Officer. He has 20 years of corporate, small business finance and operational experience, and holds an MBA in Finance from Pepperdine University. He has worked for a local fire department for 13 years and currently serves as the Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services.

Brenden Cochran , MD

Dr. Brenden Cochran holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, focusing in prevention and promotion of wellness in a primary care setting.  Interactive Health Clinic is a family practice that integrates the roots of ancient medicine with the philosophies of modern medicine with the goal of promoting health.

Dr. Cochran teaches infusion therapies through the International IV Nutritional group, and is an essential educator for IVNV staff.  He is also licensed in Idaho and provides TeleMed consultation services in coordination with IVNV services.  

Alex Capaul, PM

Alex is an Infusion Technician at IVNV. He has been a career firefighter paramedic in Kootenai County for the last five years and also works as an advanced paramedic at an elite members only club.

Prior to becoming a fire fighter, Alex was a professional baseball player for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He became interested in I.V. infusion therapy during his years as an athlete and experiencing the benefits of regular infusions and vitamin injections first-hand.

Nichol, RN

Nichol has been a registered nurse since 2021. She graduated from North Idaho College with her RN degree and has plans to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program to further advance her nursing education. As a nursing student, Nichol completed her nurse residency at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane in the endoscopy unit. This is where she realized she enjoyed the outpatient setting. Working in this type of environment lets her get to know each client on a personal level which allows her to better understand and treat them. ⁠

Rachel Uhlenkott, RN

Rachel has been a Registered Nurse since 2019. She received a Bachelor’s in Humanities from Franciscan University and then went to nursing school at Lewis and Clark State College. She loves the holistic aspect of IV therapy and the attitude and ability of clients to take initiative in their personal health. 

Rachel is a lifelong Idahoan and loves to enjoy time with family including her many nieces and nephews. She loves spending time in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
Madelynn, Receptionist

Madelynn has lived in Coeur d’Alene since 2012 and graduated from Post Falls High School. She said, “I love connecting with all of our clients and plan to get my esthetician license in the future”. Make sure to give her a big smile next time you come in. ⁠

Explore the advancements of wellness with Eric Foti, CEO of IVNV Wellness, as he explains the significance of our NAD+ Infusion Therapies.

This isn’t just about rejuvenation; it’s about revolutionizing your body’s neurological and genetic functions. Dive into the science with us and see how NAD+ can be a cornerstone in maintaining brain health, enhancing cognitive function, increasing energy and metabolism, and supporting the integrity of your DNA. It’s time to elevate your health strategy to new heights. Watch our video for a closer look at the future of personal wellness.

Call 📞 208-771-IVNV(4868)

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Feeling fantastic is just a push away!

Wellness just leveled up with our Jump Start IV Push. Our clients can’t get enough of the instant boost in feeling amazing!

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✅ Gut health? Consider it supported.
✅ Speedy healing – whether you’re an athlete or on the mend!

Love your health, and let your body thank you for it. Give us a call and experience peak wellness with us! 💙

📞 208-771-IVNV(4868)

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