HOW IV Therapy Works

IVNV takes individual appointments at its Coeur d’Alene treatment center. We also travel to remote locations for group treatment sessions for occasions, such as bachelorette parties, athletic tournaments or other get-togethers in North Idaho.

Premier IV VITAMIN THERAPY IN Coeur d’Alene

Our bodies are masters of regulating and healing on their own, which also means that they naturally compensate when something is out of balance. This process can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, sleep disruption, headaches, brain fog and other health implications.

IV Vitamin Therapy replenishes vitamins and minerals and hydrates the body’s cells in the most efficient way possible. Many health problems are tied to gut health and the inability of the gastrointestinal tract to properly process and absorb nutrients. When administered intravenously, however, this roadblock is bypassed and critical nutrients are delivered to the body where it needs them most.

IV Vitamin Therapy is an investment into your health and wellbeing that pays dividends throughout your life and is a crucial part of maintaining a balanced and well-functioning body.


• Supports immune system

• Increases energy levels

• Improves sleep quality and duration

• Aids in weight loss

• Elevates physical performance and prolongs endurance

• Refines cognitive function

• Detoxifies and neutralizes free radicals

• Includes anti-aging and beauty enhancing features

Coeur d’Alene approved

Your Choice for IV Infusions

“One of the BEST ways to boost your immune system, detox your cells, get tons of energy and improve your recovery! My wife and I have been to get IV drips 3x in the past 3 weeks, and we love it. We also refer all of our clients who need an extra boost to them. Very professional, they really know how to get the IV in with no issues- and I usually hate needles. I’d give them 10 stars if I could.”

—Nutrishop Coeur d’Alene

Eric was great with my IV and was super accommodating. I was able to get right in and had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend IVNV to anyone looking to boost their health. I also love that it’s owned by a local firefighter/paramedic and that they even make house calls.” – Kyra Morelli

“I had a severe case of the Delta Variant and was in the slow recovery. My wife heard about IVNV and I agreed to try this internal therapy. Had the IV at noon and by the next morning I was a much improved human. It was the turning point in being released from the oxygen machine as well. I have already recommended This service to several friends and family members.” – Pancho Edler


How long does it take for an Infusion?

Most of our Signature Infusions take about 45 minutes to an hour.  Infusion add-ons such as NAD+ or Poly-MVA will extend the infusion time.

What should I expect to feel after the Infusion?

Although this is dependent on many factors, most clients have increased energy, mental clarity, improved muscle recovery and boosted metabolism. 

How often should I receive an infusion?

For optimal results, every 2 weeks is suggested.  Chronic illnesses may require more frequent infusions and are patient specific so that you achieve the desired results. 

What is the difference between a Vitamin Infusion and taking Vitamins orally?

Taking vitamins orally (by mouth) requires your GI system to digest and allow vitamins to absorb into the bloodstream which has been proven to be insufficient.  The general rule is anything taken by mouth has an average of 25% absorption.  IV infusions on the other hand completely bypass the GI system and are 100% bioavailable.

Does the Infusion hurt?

Infusions are performed by inserting a very small catheter into your vein which naturally comes with a small amount of pain at the site but only during the insertion of the  catheter.  Many clients report a small stinging sensation for a couple seconds.  The infusion itself is painless and is performed in one of our private, quiet and comfortable rooms by experienced Paramedics and Nurses.


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